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  • What Is A Bluetooth Module?

    A Bluetooth module is generally composed of a chip, a PCB board, and peripheral devices. For example, the Bluetooth module FSC-BT616 adopts a Ti CC2640 Bluetooth chip, A built in MCU, a cost-effective on-board antenna. It supports Bluetooth 5.0 Version, which makes it a Bluetooth Low Energy Modul...
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  • What Substitute Module Can I Get to Replace My HC-05 Module?

    For those who’s projects that are adopting HC-05 module yet want to replace it with other better modules. Feasycom bring you FSC-BT826. This module is perfectly compatible with HC-05 and support SPP, GATT at the same time! Below you will find the brief information of the FSC-BT826: ...
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  • What Bluetooth Modules Should I Use for My Ongoing Projects?

    In the explosive development of the Internet of Things in the last few years, Bluetooth has become a part of the entire system, and once the key technical issues can be resolved, the speed of development will become rapid. The wearable device market has been developing for six years, and if every...
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  • What’s The Difference between Classic Bluetooth Module and BLE Module?

    What’s The Difference between Classic Bluetooth Module and BLE Module?

    As you would know, there are two types of Bluetooth Modules on the market. But what are they? And what’s the difference between them? Now Feasycom guide you out of the mist. 1.     Classic Bluetooth Module (BT): Refers to modules that support the Bluetooth protocol below 4.0, which is generally u...
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  • Why FSC-BT826 Is The Most Popular Bluetooth Module on The Bluetooth-Printers Market?

    Why FSC-BT826 Is The Most Popular Bluetooth Module on The Bluetooth-Printers Market?

    Among all the great Bluetooth Modules that Feasycom brought to the customers, FSC-BT826 have won the biggest market share for Bluetooth Printers. Why? 1, FSC-BT826 has a fully integrated hardware form. It adopts Realtek’s chip, and carrys GD’s MCU. Which bring the FSC-BT826 with high performance ...
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  • What Kinds of Bluetooth Modules Suit for Barcode Scanners?

    What Kinds of Bluetooth Modules Suit for Barcode Scanners?

    Scanners typically refer to scanning devices such as bar code scanners, and bar code readers. Common barcode scanners generally consist of a light source, an optical lens, a scanning module, an analog-to-digital conversion circuit, and a plastic housing. It uses photoelectric elements to convert ...
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  • Can Bluetooth Modules Help To Make Healthcare Equipment Smarter?

    Can Bluetooth Modules Help To Make Healthcare Equipment Smarter?

    Can Bluetooth Modules Help To Make Healthcare Equipment Smarter?   As a small-scale wireless connection technology, Bluetooth technology enables convenient, fast, flexible, low-cost, low-power data and voice communication between devices. Each Bluetooth device can implement routing functions...
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  • What Kinds Of Bluetooth Modules Can Be Used On Walkie-Talkie?

    What Kinds Of Bluetooth Modules Can Be Used On Walkie-Talkie?

    Since the traditional interphone are transmitting audio through wires, sometimes it can be very inconvenient to use. Now more people want to use wireless walkie-talkie transmission. Today let Feasycom show you how the walkie-talkie works via Bluetooth modules. As shown in the figure, device 1 is...
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  • Is There A Better Way To Do Assets Tracking?

    Is There A Better Way To Do Assets Tracking?

    Is There A Better Way To Do Assets Tracking? Traditionally we use barcodes or QRs to do assets tracking. Every time we want to know the location of the assets, we have to do barcode scanning. Sometimes it’s not easy for us to spare the time to do such thing right? Is there a better way to make th...
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  • FSC-BT646 Bluetooth Low Energy Module FAQ

    With wireless communication become increasingly popular, mass of products are going to use Bluetooth low energy modules, because of the low power consumption and the Bluetooth data transceiver property. FSC-BT646 is a Bluetooth 4.2 low energy module. Low price and Feasycom technical support make ...
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  • Bluetooth Data Module FAQ

    Bluetooth Data Module FAQ

      For Bluetooth Data Module applications, devices usually work in Master Mode or Slave Mode,   1.What’s the Master Mode and the Slave Mode?   Master Mode: Bluetooth device in Master Mode, it could scan other Bluetooth devices which are broadcasting in slave Mode. Normally, Feasycom...
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  • What Can A FSC-BT802 Audio BLE Module Do?

    What Can A FSC-BT802 Audio BLE Module Do?

    What Can A FSC-BT802 Audio BLE Module Do? Recently we got a question from a client who produces wireless audio devices: What should we do if we want to make a pair of auto-connecting audio devices? And now he had the answer to this question: Use the FSC-BT802 module to implement this function! ...
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  • How To Choose The Right Bluetooth Modules For Audio/Data Transmitting Product-10 Aspects.

    Although there are many different sizes and types of Bluetooth modules available on the market, many smart device manufacturers are worried about how to choose the Bluetooth module that suits their products. In fact, the purchase of the Bluetooth module mainly depends on what products are produce...
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  • Bluetooth Module Application: Smart Lock

    Bluetooth Module Application: Smart Lock

    With the rapid progress in technology field, Smart-Home products start to walk into our home. Smart LED Lights, Smart Locks are showing up one by one, which bring us with massive convenience. But what is a Smart Lock? A smart lock is an upgraded version of a traditional mechanical lock. Which has...
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  • How Can Beacons Help To Locate Your Pets

    How Can Beacons Help To Locate Your Pets

    Have you even encountered with such situation that you can’t find your furry friends at home after taking a long day shift? Then you post a LOST PET paper and start endless waiting. How awful this feeling can be huh! When you’re reading this article, you get a chance to solve this problem for go...
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  • Feasycom BLE Beacon with temperature and humidity sensor

    Feasycom BLE Beacon with temperature and humidity sensor

    After three months of development,Feasycom released the new product –FSC-BP120 BLE Beacon. FSC-BP120 contains Temperature and Humidity sensor,it could monitor Temperature and Humidity of air,then collect these data and send to mobile App,so that you could monitor Temperature and Humidity a...
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  • BT4.2 SPP Bluetooth module external antenna

    If you have got a bluetooth module with antenna from feasycom ,and it is pre-install with antenna ,now you plan to use external antenna . You may have few questions ,such as : Do I have to change the feasy-board preferences to be able to use the external antenna? Or can I simply attach the extern...
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  • High speed UART data transceiver Bluetooth module supports SPP+GATT

    FSC-BT826 is a high speed data transceiver Bluetooth 4.2 dual mode module (Bluetooth EDR/BR+BLE) ,as we mentioned before ,FSC-BT826 supports multiple connection,one FSC-BT826 could connect with many mobile phone simultaneously, for this features ,we are mostly used for many application which need...
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  • BLE 5.0 module with Multiple connection technology

    With technology developing, many smart devices could receive much information from different devices. In this application, Feasycom receives a customer requirement with the Bluetooth 5.0 BLE module: 1– i want to have two or more input about to send a command 2 – i want to have two or ...
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  • How to get aptX HD audio Bluetooth Module works with headset ?

    If you plan to purchase audio BT module ,we would recommend you can purchase the development board as well.The development board always help a lot for the test process .      If you just did not buy any development board yet,and when you test the module,you want make it work with your ...
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  • Bluetooth dual mode module introduction

    Bluetooth dual mode is for Bluetooth in the field of data transmission applications, combining classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth low energy (BLE). Support Bluetooth BR/EDR (SPP transparent transmission profile) and BLE profiles, dual-mode Bluetooth device is called Bluetooth Smart Ready device. In ...
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  • High data speed BLE Bluetooth Module 17 kB/s with iPhone

    Have you heard that BLE Bluetooth Module can up to 17 kB/s ?Shenzhen feasycom technology co.,ltd -leading bluetooth module manufacture can provide this solution .Feasycom technology provide many kinds of bluetooth module solution for different application and requirement. Usually you may know tha...
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  • Low cost ble module supplier in shenzhen

    In this IoT world, speed of execution is everything. With all the research, certification, multiple testing, equipment and work involved in designing a bluetooth –end product, your development process always take a year longer than expected.Try to estimate the impact to your company or customer b...
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  • Wifi Bluetooth Combo Module for automotive electronics

    Wifi bluetooth combo module are widely used in more and more application such as :automotive electronics ,obd related application and so on .   FSC-BW226:     Version: BT+Wifi Bluetooth: V4.2 dual mode SPP+GATT                     Slave mode                     Multiple point: 6 S...
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  • FAQ about audio codex of CSR audio bluetooth module

    Hereby we would like to recommend one typical BT module – CSR audio bluetooth module FSC-BT802 ,which provide by shenzhen feasycom . FSC-BT802 is a Bluetooth 5.0 dual-mode module. It provides a Bluetooth Low Energy fully compliant system for audio and data communication with Feasycom stack....
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  • Long Range Class 1 SPP Module Bluetooth serial port passthrough

    Power Classs is a bluetooth technology that determines the transmission distance.Most mobile phones and devices today use Class2 with a standard transmission distance of 10 meters.The communication distance of Class1 is about 80~100 meters.It is usually used in high-power/long-distance bluetooth ...
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  • Few typical question about RF Module

    For better understanding about RF Module .Today we are going to share some brief concept about RF Module. 1.What Is An RF Module ? An RF module is a separate circuit board that contains all of the circuitry needed to transmit and receive RF energy. It may include an integrated antenna or a conn...
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  • FSC-BT630 RF Multipoint BLE Low Energy Module Bluetooth 5.0

        You may already have heard about FSC-BT630 module before,today we are going to summary some main features of FSC-BT630. FSC-BT630 Features: BLE Low Energy Module  Bluetooth 5.0 compliant Master and Slave  Multipoint Application for auto spare parts,low energy sensor   Modu...
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  • BLE ( Bluetooth low energy ) to UART module

    Basic information:  Type: Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 / 4.2 low energy Condition: New Name: BLE to UART module Work principle: Connection Phone and terminal device via BLE , and the data output from UART. Feasycom BLE to UART module: FSC-BT630 , FSC-BT616 , FSC-BT671 , FSC-BT646 , etc. The parameter...
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  • Feasycom New Approved Bluetooth 4.2 dual mode data transceiver

    BP102 is an USB CDC powered Bluetooth 4.2 dual mode data transceiver. Bluetooth dual mode consists of Low Energy (LE), Basic Rate and Enhanced Data Rate (BR/EDR). CDC is one type of USB device class, it provides emulated serial port communication over USB. BP102 can be powered by any host electro...
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  • FeasyGW User Guide –FSC-BP201

    1. Install “FeasyGw” app Available on Google play store or Apple store 2. Power on the Gateway device.      Led light regular flashing 3. Parameter Setting: Turn on “Bluetooth” of your mobile phone, and looking for the signal of Gateway device. Fill in the password: default is 000000 You only n...
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  • BT Module support SPP ,BLE as well as MFi

    Recently we have been asked by customer if there is a BT module that support SPP,BLE as well as MFi . Then we will recommend FSC-BT836 .And feasycom already finish the develop of the MFi part.It can communication well by APP. A   Bluetooth version :Bluetooth 4.2 A.  SPP :Support B.  BLE:Support C...
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  • NEWS of FSC-BT646 BLE module – BLE passcode

    To meet more customer’s requirement , Feasycom engineer Mr Pan developed a new function which named “ BLE passcode “ for FSC-BT646 BLE module , this function have a wide application in the Bluetooth product which works with an mobile App , likes Automobile electronic product , electronic toys and...
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  • Cheap Audio Bluetooth solution – FSC-BT951 Audio Bluetooth module

    Are you looking for a low cost BT module for Bluetooth Audio speaker or headset ? we introduced the another Audio BT module of our company before , there has is csr chip series module , likes FSC-BT806 , FSC-BT802 , it has a high performance , and also the QCC3007 chip FSC-BT1006A is the economic...
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  • FeasyBeacon FSC-BP107 Bracelet Beacon

    Recently, many customers have interesting in the Bracelet Bluetooth Beacon. For customer requirement, Feasycom launch out a new beacon FSC-BP107. This beacon is wearable beacon, could be used in the children’s tracking, employee check-in and so on. The Bracelet Beacon is a battery-powered Bluetoo...
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  • FeasyBeacon FSC-BP105 Keychain Beacon

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!   Recently, Feasycom push a new Bluetooth beacon FSC-BP105, this device is the keychain beacon, convenient to take it. For save the beacon consumption, the beacon has the switch button. Here is some information about the beacon FSC-BP105: Bluetooth 5.0 BL...
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