Why FSC-BT826 Is The Most Popular Bluetooth Module on The Bluetooth-Printers Market?

Among all the great Bluetooth Modules that Feasycom brought to the customers, FSC-BT826 have won the biggest market share for Bluetooth Printers. Why?

1, FSC-BT826 has a fully integrated hardware form.

It adopts Realtek’s chip, and carrys GD’s MCU. Which bring the FSC-BT826 with high performance and high compatibilities.


2, FSC-BT826 is a Dual-Mode Bluetooth Module.

It supports classic BT mode and BLE mode. Compatible with both android & IOS systems, it also passes MFi certification, which allows high speed BLE transmission for IOS users.

3, FSC-BT826 has fully developed firmware for diverse printer projects.

It endows the customers with great flexibilities when it comes to product developing.

826E: General Data Pass through: SPP+HID+BLE+OTA
826E:HC05 Pin to Pin: SPP+BLE+OTA
826H: Bluetooth Printer (1+1): SPP+BLE+OTA

4, FSC-BT826 is also an ultra-economical Bluetooth Module.

It’s one of the hottest items we present, for which we make multiple optimizations year after year. It reserves a large profit margin for the customers.


If you’re looking for solutions for your Bluetooth Printer projects, don’t forget to reach out to Feasycom for the best deal!

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Post time: Jul-10-2019