What Kinds of Bluetooth Modules Suit for Barcode Scanners?

Scanners typically refer to scanning devices such as bar code scanners, and bar code readers. Common barcode scanners generally consist of a light source, an optical lens, a scanning module, an analog-to-digital conversion circuit, and a plastic housing. It uses photoelectric elements to convert the detected optical signals into electrical signals, and then converts the electrical signals into digital signals through analog to digital converters for transmission to the processing device.

barcode scanner

The Bluetooth scanner does not require wire harness transmission, and directly transmits the scanned data to the processing device through Bluetooth. Comparing with the traditional scanner device, the Bluetooth scanner is more convenient and practical to use.

Figure 1

FSC-BT816S (1)

Figure 1 is a dual-mode Bluetooth module introduced by Shenzhen Feasycom Technology Co., Ltd., which integrates SPP, HID, and BLE protocols. In HID mode, the data received by the scanner module can be converted into HID key code and transmitted to various Bluetooth devices such as Android, iPhone and iPad tablet through Bluetooth. In the case of no third-party software intervention, the data can be directly sent to the text editing box such as Word, Excel and Notepad etc. And the text box can also respond to function-control commands, such as: Text selection, deletion, copying and pasting, etc.

In the SPP or BLE mode, transparent data transmission can be realized, and the user only needs to install the APP supporting the scanning application to conveniently store the data sent by the scanner into the data file.

Using the compatible SPP, BLE and HID Bluetooth protocol schemes, the problem of poor compatibility of the Bluetooth scanning device products can be solved by quickly switching the different protocol states of the Bluetooth module, thereby achieving perfect support for the Windows, Android, and IOS operating systems.

For the scanning gun industry, Shenzhen Feasycom Technology Co., Ltd. has launched 100m long-distance Bluetooth modules, dual-mode Bluetooth networking modules, etc. The main products are shown in Table 1.




Single Mode 2.0/3.0, Support SPP+HID,100m BT transmission


Dual Mode,support SPP+HID+BLE,support BLE-Mesh(one-to-many)


Dual Mode, support SPP+BLE+HID


Dual Mode,support SPP+HID+BLE, support BLE-Mesh(one-to-many)


Class1Dual Mode, support SPP+HID+BLE,support BLE-Mesh(one-to-many)

                                                                         Table 1

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