What Is IoT?

What is the Internet of Things?

Internet of Things, that is, information carriers connected to the Internet, radio and television networks, traditional telecommunication networks, etc., through radio frequency identification (RFID) devices, infrared sensors, global positioning systems, laser scanners, etc. The information sensing device collects any object or process that needs to be monitored, connected, and interacted in real time, and collects various information such as sound, light, heat, electricity, mechanics, chemistry, biology, location, etc., according to certain protocols. A network that connects to the Internet for information exchange and communication for intelligent identification, location, tracking, monitoring, and management.


Use of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is widely used in traffic management, environmental protection, government work, public safety, smart home, fire protection, industrial monitoring, power security, medical health, industrial transmission, water system monitoring, food traceability, logistics management, defense and military, etc. The Internet of Things can promote the development of the industry, make products intelligent, promote market upgrading, and drive consumption.


Industrial structure of the Internet of Things

The IoT industry chain includes eight major segments: chip providers, sensor suppliers, wireless module (including antenna) manufacturers, network operators, platform service providers, system and software developers, intelligent hardware vendors, system integration and application service providers. Each segment of the merchant offers products for their different IoT components.


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Post time: Jul-17-2019