What A Bluetooth Adapter Could Do?

Have you every been experiencing such situation: When you bought a new Bluetooth speaker/headphones, but your PC does not support Bluetooth function! What a bummer!

Today Feasycom would like to introduce to you with a savior: FSC-BP119 Bluetooth Adapter. With this Bluetooth Adapter, you could make the none-Bluetooth PC into a Bluetooth supported device!

This adapter adopts CSR8510A10 chipset, added with a 2 dBi RP dipole antenna, the work distance can reach up to 100 m. The basic features of this adapter would be as following:


    • *CSR 8510A10 chipset
    • *100m work range
    • *Plug and Play
    • *Support Windows 10/8/7, Vista, XP, Linux, Mac OS


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Thanks for reading this article. See you next time. :)

Post time: Sep-06-2019