Long Range Class 1 SPP Module Bluetooth serial port passthrough

Power Classs is a bluetooth technology that determines the transmission distance.Most mobile phones and devices today use Class2 with a standard transmission distance of 10 meters.The communication distance of Class1 is about 80~100 meters.It is usually used in high-power/long-distance bluetooth products. Due to high cost and power consumption, it is often used for commercial special purposes.

Compared with Class2, Class1 has higher power and longer communication distance, so the corresponding Class1 radiation is larger. 


Feasycom few typical Class 1 module


Model Class Protocol Antenna Size Features
FSC-BT641 Class 1 GATT No Small size Low cost BLE Module,Small Size
FSC-BT646 Class 1 GATT Yes   Cheap price ble module
FSC-BT671 Class 1 GATT/Mesh No Small size Class 1 Module ,Bluetooth Mesh Module
FSC-BT909 Class 1 GATT+SPP Yes   Class 1 SPP Module Bluetooth 


From above diagram you can see that if class 1 spp module ,only FSC-BT909 can meet the requirement .FSC-BT909 it is a class 1 spp module which always use as long range data transmission.BT4.2 and it adopt CSR8811 Chipset .



Post time: May-07-2019