How To Know And Change The Baud Rate Of Bluetooth Modules?

As you would know, the value of baud rate will effect the transmitting rate, the higher this value is, the higher transmitting rate it will be.

But how to know the current baud rate? And how to change this Baud Rate Value with AT commands?

1, How to know?

Taking the FSC-BT826 as an example, when connecting the module with an USB port to a PC, using Feasycom’s serial tool. Using AT+BAUD command to get the current baud rate of the module. See the photo below:


2, How to change the baud rate?

Very simple! Using AT+BAUD={Baud rate value that you need}, for instance: AT+BAUD=115200. See the photo below:

Easy peasy!


The FSC-BT826 is the one of the best bluetooth modules for Bluetooth printer, POS system, etc.

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Post time: Sep-20-2019