FSC-BP119 How To Switch Firmware Mode From HID To HCI

Some customers might find it’s not easy to use the FSC-BP119 when their computer doesn’t support related CSR profiles. Today Feasycom will guide you out of the swamp.

Normally most PC and laptops support Bluetooth HCI profiles, so we could use a little gadget to switch firmware mode of the FSC-BP119 from HID to HCI. In below steps you would get things done properly:

Step 1, plug the BP119 in Windows PC/laptop
Step 2, double click the gadget named hid2hci.exe
Step 3, wait until the process is done successfully
Remark: a) You might need to uninstall the CSR Harmony Wireless Stack first. b) This process is not reversible.
That’s super convenient, isn’t it? Wish to get this little tool? CLICK HERE.

By far, this gadget only support windows system. Wish to get similar gadget for other OS? CLICK HERE TO LET FEASYCOM KNOW!

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Post time: Aug-16-2019