Bluetooth Router

Bluetooth router application:
What we generally hear are Wi-Fi routers, and what about Bluetooth routers? In fact, the Bluetooth router is a device that expands and extends the Bluetooth signal to realize a wide range of connection and networking of multiple Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth routers can be point-to-multipoint, support long-distance transmission, and are easier to manage. Generally, Bluetooth routers are used in industrial machine tools for networking. Because the environment of industrial machine tools is harsh, wiring is difficult. At this time, each machine can be controlled by a Bluetooth router, and then a summary report can be performed. This is more convenient. Bluetooth routers can also be used to connect to medical devices. There are more and more wearable medical devices, such as Bluetooth blood pressure monitor, Bluetooth heart rate bracelet and so on. The Bluetooth router combines these instruments into a network to view user data at any time.


Post time: Sep-12-2019