A Brief Introduction On Bluetooth Modules For TWS Headphones/Earphones.

A Brief Introduction On Bluetooth Modules For TWS Headphones/Earphones.

Speaking of Bluetooth headsets, Apple Air Pods have to be mentioned. This headset was released on September 8, 2016 and has been on the market for nearly three years. In the past three years, the Bluetooth headset industry has been questioning AirPods since its inception, but now everyone is following Apple’s steps. It is enough to see the foresight of Apple in product innovation.

TWS headphones are the most popular products in recent years, TWS Bluetooth headsets. Simply put, with Bluetooth technology, the left and right earphones of the headset work independently without a cable connection. Its benefits are: true wireless structure, completely abandon the wired troubles.

Shenzhen Feasycom Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing world-class product solutions and services to the global market with unremitting innovation in keeping with market demand and cutting-edge technology. In the TWS headset solution, Feasycom provides solutions such as Reltek, Ti, Qualcomm, Siliconlab supporting custom function development, and haves its own technical advantages in Bluetooth 5.0, active noise reduction, etc., can do Flash on CSR8670, 8675 chip solutions. Function development, module customization service can be done on the headset.

Feasycom Technology also realizes the quick connection function of the pop-up window of the Bluetooth headset through the development of the Bluetooth chip broadcasting function on the headphone charging compartment product.

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Post time: Jul-18-2019