FSC-BP107 Bluetooth BLE Wrist Band AltBeacon For Real Time Positioning

Product Overview:

  • Beacon Number: FSC-BP107
  • Chipset: TI CC2640R2F
  • Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.0 low energy
  • Cover Range: 100m(328ft)
  • Profiles: iBeacon, Eddystone (URL and UID), AltBeacon
  • Product Detail

    Detail Parameters

    Product Specification
    Model FSC-BP107
    TX power -23 - +5 dBm
    Chipset TI CC2640R2F
    Standard Bluetooth 5.0
    Support system iOS 7.0+,Android4.3+
    Work distance Up to 100m(open area)
    Type PCB F shape antenna
    Power Supply CR2032
    Battery Life Up to 1 years (ADV Interval: 1300ms;TX Power= 0dBm)
    Material ABS plastic
    Color White, Blue,Black,Pink,Green,or other colors
    Size 38*38*11.5mm
    Packing Size 90*105*30mm
    Net weight 46.2g
    Protection IP40
    Operating temperature -20°C to +60°C
    Advertising Specification
    Advertising Format Eddystone (URL/ UID/ TLM/ EID), iBeacon, AltBeacon
    Config app FeasyBeacon (Free for lifetime using)
    APP Pin Code 000000
    Advertising interval 100ms-2000ms
    Secure config access password
    Max Number of Broadcast 10 Slots configurable advertising frames
    Default Broadcast Interval 1300ms for iBeacon & Eddystone
    Support system iOS 7.0+, Android4.3+
    Work distance Up to 100m
    Upgrade Mode OTA (over the air update firmware)

    Other Images

    5 5-3 5-4



    * iBeacon, Eddystone (URL and UID), AltBeacon
    *Transmit distance up to 100m.
    *Supports OTA (over the air update firmware)
    *TICC2640R2F Chipset,the newest bluetooth 5.0 low energy
    *Free APP ”FeasyBeacon” and APP’s SDK


    *Personal Positioning
    *Proximity Marketing
    *Indoor Location
    *Asset Tracking
    *Vehicle Tracking

    Datasheet Download


    Free SDK Download


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