Bluetooth 5.0 Nordic WiFi eddystone low energy Beacon for Ios and android system

Product Overview:

WiFi + BT5.0 Beacon
TICC3220 + Nordic 52832
Mini USB Port
Built in Battery
Free FeasyBeacon App

Product Detail

Product Description: 

 BeaconSmart is the unique and powerful beacon which designed by Feasycom, integrating with Bluetooth 5.0 & low energy WiFi technology, enabling the communication between the physical and the digital world. With this innovative combination, can replace the current single Bluetooth or WiFi beacon solution, save the resources for System Integrator or Business Promotion.

BeaconSmart ,adopted TI CC3220SF (WiFi) + Nordic 52832(Bluetooth) chipset ,can work as dual-transmitters, it can send and receive data from smartphones or tablets via Bluetooth LE and WiFi.

BeaconSmart can send a Bluetooth BLE or WiFi broadcasting via FeasyBeacon to the devices nearby. This broadcasting can trigger any event in the App on the mobile client, no matter which operating system used on the user’s smartphone.  

Product highlight:

◆WiFi+ BT 5.0 Beacon
◆TI CC3220+Nordic 52832  
◆Mini USB Port
◆With Built-in Battery
◆Free FeasyBeacon APP
◆Support Eddystone/iBeacon/AltBeacon protocols
◆Product Size: 69*69*9.5mm

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