Battery Powered TI CC2640 Bluetooth 5.0 Eddystone iBeacon BLE Beacon with configuration APP SDK

Product Overview:

Work distance up to 80m
USB powered beacon
Up to 10 slot broadcasts
Eddystone(UID, URL)/ iBeacon/ Altbeacon
Free FeasyBeacon app

Product Detail

Product Description:

FeasyBeacon USB is an USB-powered Bluetooth Low Energy proximity-beacon, which uses iBeacon technology or Eddystone (URL and UID) or Altbeacon, Supports Eddystone EID and Eddystone GATT via a firmware update. 

FeasyBeacon USB can be powered by any electronic device with USB port or directly by the AC power mains through an AC/DC power supply with USB port. This ensures an endless operating life, with no maintenance operation for battery replacement.Transmit Distance reach up to 80m. 

FeasyBeacon USB is particularly suitable for integration with PoS (Point-of-Sale) devices,electronic kiosks,retail, stadium, museum, hospital, exhibition, hotel, restaurant, etc

Product highlight: 

◆Mini Size,Plug and Play,Customization Accept,FeasyBeacon APP for Android & iOS system 
◆80M Work Range in widely open environment 
◆Comply with Eddystone, iBeacon, Altbeacon, support 10 slot broadcasting(URL,UID, iBeacon) simultaneously 
◆USB Power Supply, can be powered by any electronic device with USB port 
◆Particularly suitable for retail, stadium, museum, hospital, exhibition, hotel, restaurant and the remote area wireless communication application, etc.

FeasyBeacon USB BP102 Datasheet

Advertising Specification

Advertising Format

Eddystone (URL/ UID/ TLM/ EID), iBeacon, AltBeacon

Config App

FeasyBeacon (Free for lifetime using)

APP Pin Code


Advertising Interval


Secure Config

access password

Max Number of Broadcast

10 Slots configurable advertising frames

Default Broadcast Interval

1200ms for iBeacon & Eddystone

Support System

iOS 7.0+, Android4.3+

Work Distance

Up to 80m

Upgrade Mode

OTA (over the air update firmware)

Product Specification



TX power

5.5 dBm

Power Supply


Bluetooth Standard

Bluetooth 4.2 Version

Frequency Band

2.402 to 2.480 GHz (according Bluetooth 4.0 specifications, worldwide ISM band)

Antenna Type

PCB Coil antenna

Radiation Diagram



ABS plastic




60 *19 * 8 mm

Net Weight


Packing Size




Operating Temperature

-20°C to +70°C

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